AchievementsThe network project, Comparative Genomics of non-coding RNA was formulated in 2005-06 in preparation for the 11th five year plan (2007-12).  With seed funding from CSIR, preliminary work to explore the anti-viral activity of certain human microRNAs was studied during this period.  We also solicited participation from scientists at IICT, IICB and NCL to explore areas at the interface of Chemistry and RNA Biology.  A set of specific objectives, that fall into three major areas were drawn up, through discussions at couple of meetings. 
  • miRNA and human disease
  • Development of tools for detection and modulation of potentially therapeutic/ diagnostic miRNA
  • Fundamental aspects of non-coding RNA

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Proposed Work Plan

The detailed work plan as per each objective is described in the project proposal.  The major milestones to be achieved at various times during the project are highlighted below:



Validation of Antiviral targets


Expression patterns of miRNAs


Biophysical and structural knowledge of miRNA-target interaction




Validaton of cancer diagnostics



Functional validation of diabetes related miRNA-targets



Development of any potential anti-viral miRNA based diagnostic/ therapeutic, if identified


Repeat based Expression Profiling platform development

Identification of auto-regulatory loops and switches in miRNA regulation



Development of any potential anti-viral miRNA based diagnostic/ therapeutic, if identified


Targeted delivery of miRNAs to specific sites in the body (animal studies)











 Proposed Deliverables

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60-80 SCI Publications


A diagnostic bio-marker for at least one (three proposed) disease


At least one (three proposed) lipid based receptor and tissue specific transfection vectors for packaging and delivery of miRNAs


At least one novel methodology for miRNA detection/ validation/ discovery


Around 4 patents/copyrights


Manpower and knowledge generation in integrative biology